Why Buy A Prene Bag?

September 20, 2019

Why A Prene Bag? Silvermaple Boutique Blog

Why should you purchase a Prene™️ Bag?

A Prene™️ Bag:

  • Holds a sturdy shape due to use of thickest possible neoprene & piping to support form.
  • Uses reinforced metal eyelets to prevent ripping around rope handles.
  • Has a lined interior with internal pockets.
  • Uses magnetic buttons instead of forceful press studs to securely keep bag shut + reduce strain with use.
  • Is supported with piping, binding & a removable base board to create a sleek, structured form.
  • The overall “finish” of a PRENE™️ BAG has an unmistakable & recognisable look & feel of quality.

To ensure you are purchasing a genuine PRENE™️ look for the “PRENE BAGS” rubber logo.

PRENE™️ is not a word. It is the name of a company and a registered trademark. We hope this video helps clarify & distinguish the clear difference between a PRENE™️ vs a non-PRENE™️.

If you have never heard of PRENE™️ before ... They're a local Melbourne brand that sell women's bags made from neoprene (quite literally, a wetsuit!) The bags are lightweight, machine-washable and vegan. PRENE™️ Bags are both practical and stylish - perfect to use at work, the beach, the gym, school and even as a nappy bag! It's the perfect accessory for every modern woman.

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