Winter Fashion Edit

May 30, 2018

Winter Fashion Edit-Silvermaple Boutique

Winter Fashion Edit 2018 

In this year's fashion 'Winter Edit' we have created a collection that will help you shop all the 'MUST HAVE' items for your perfect winter wardrobe.

Our team have put together an extensive selection of basics, winter pants, dresses, jackets and tops that are the most worn styles by all of us 'the fashion addicts' this AW18 season.  They also include pieces that we get asked about by the majority of our customers over and over again, each time winter hits Melbourne.

Knowing our brands and their fits, we have decided to make your shopping experience with us much easier than you think.

In one quick collection you can find all the items we believe are the 'MUST HAVE' items when it comes to workable and fashionable woman's wardrobe.

So let's get down to business.  Let us help you create your perfect winter wardrobe, that will make you feel confident, empowered and beautiful. But before we do, there are a few basic tips you should know:-

TIP 1: Every woman's winter wardrobe should have a number of staples that will help her create new outfits every day, without feeling like there is something missing.

TIP 2: Before you decide to go shopping, visit your own wardrobe. Go through your winter pieces from last year.  Discover pieces you didn't know you had and clear out any pieces that don't fit well, you didn't like wearing or that clearly feel out of fashion in the new season.

TIP 3: Once you are left with the final items, imagine creating a few different outfits.  Notice which pieces work together and where there is a void in your final looks.  Write down the pieces that are missing.  This will help you avoid spending money on the same styles or on styles you didn't need.

TIP 4: The key pieces that should be part of every woman's winter wardrobe are:

- 2 basic long sleeved tops (ideal for layering)

- pair of black winter pants

- pair of winter jeans

- 1 casual jacket (for everyday or for the weekends)

- 1 dressy coat (suitable for work or evenings)

- 1 winter dress

- 1 winter skirt

- pair of ankle boots and pair of long boots

- pair of flats (suitable for work)

- pair of everyday runners (to create everyday casual outfits)

- a few winter tops that work with all other bottoms (skirts & pants)

- a knitwear piece

- a knitwear cardi or a poncho (to layer over your tops)

- special winter evening outfit (dress or a top and skirt/or pants, that can be converted into a special occasion outfit by adding dressy accessories)

- a winter scarf

- one unique winter piece (to stand out of the crowd or just to have some fun!)

TIP 5: When purchasing new clothes, think of all the pieces left at home and ensure the colour fits with the rest of the outfit.  If you are not sure, bring the key pieces with you, so that you can be sure they match together.

TIP 6: Good fit is everything, as this will make you want to wear that piece again in the future.  Bad fit, will make you avoid the style, whenever you reach for it.

Our team in-store are experts on what fits well for certain figure and which styles work well with other pieces.  Ask our fashion experts to guide you around the store.

We hope that you will find our tips helpful and that you will love this year's fashion 'Winter Edit' as much as we do.

Don't forget to have fun and happy shopping!

The Silvermaple Boutique Team



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