Lou | African Charity Convert

April 14, 2020

Lou | African Charity Convert-Silvermaple Boutique

How long have you worked at Silvermaple? Almost 9 years  

What does your job entail? I'm a sales assistant on the floor of Silvermaple which has recently expanded to include online sales. A typical day starts with greeting Jo (Store Manager) and hearing our 'jobs of the day'. A typical day includes a mix of serving customers, fulfilling online orders, receiving new stock and maintaining in-store stock displays. I love the interaction with our customers and nothing is better than helping someone who is insecure and lost when it comes to clothes! Whether they buy one or ten items - getting a personal 'Thank You' is so rewarding and hopefully they will return.

What’s your favourite memory at Silvermaple? The warmth & support of my co-workers when I started this job and how it continues. Helen had a great sense of humour to make any day fun!

What’s a common customer question? Honestly "What do you think of this on me?"

What do you love most about your job? I love interacting & learning about people but I really just love helping customers feel great in a garment and enjoy their shopping experience with no pressure.

Describe your workwear style? I love a smart look but tend to wear something that I can dress up or down by adding an accessory. Comfort is paramount and I like that customers can see us sell or unpack stock in something versatile.

Describe your off-duty style? I dress mostly with a relaxed style: Jeans or Comfy Pants (Mela Purdie Pants are my fav) & Jumper (or Tee/Top in Summer). I love mixing it up with a Jacket and a bit of bling when the occasion arrises.

What’s your favourite latest arrival? The Z&P knits were great and I love the colours that the European Collection puts into the mix.

Best travel wardrobe tip? It would have to be the Mela Zip or Cargo Pant - they're both smart, classy pants that can take you anywhere from day to night. Always have a Mela Shirt or Top in your suitcase (more if your budget allows) as nothing feels as good on, weighs next to nothing in a case, can be worn with jeans or pants and they're an easy care garment on the go. A cheaper version of this is Tani (they breathes & have great comfort factor) and our fab Verge Acrobat Pants are always a winner.

What do you love doing when you're not at work? I do love a movie - big screen epics are great! My other passion is doing charity work for a few African Ministries in Kenya. Unless you've been there, you just can't comprehend the level of poverty and it's everywhere - small things can truly make a big difference. Interestingly, the people are so happy and have so much faith, especially the children. They have the best smiles on earth - we could all learn from them.

What’s a fun fact about you most people wouldn't know? I'll give anything a go, I love being around younger people (they keep you young & have different insights) and can't go past fun games like Cards Against Humanity.

What are you doing today? Staying home and face timing my beautiful grandchildren to see their goodies and just send love out!

If you could be in lockdown with anyone, who would it be? This hasn't changed ever ... my #1 has always been Nelson Mandela!

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