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Welcome to Silvermaple Boutique!!
We are a womenswear store that stocks a range of classic garments from brands including Mela Purdie, Verge, N.Y.D.J, Tani, Loobie’s Story, Oneseason, M.E.L, Gabriella Frattini and many more. Aside from fashion apparel we also sell jewellery, handbags, scarves, shoes and other accessories.
We take great care for all our customers and are here to help them select the best possible wardrobe that will fit each individual taste, be comfortable, practical and most of all will help ensure they can go about their day feeling wonderful and empowered.
We provide free personalised consultation, upon request, to ensure every customer receives the best possible service and enjoys the experience of shopping at each of our unique boutique locations.
Come and visit us and experience all that it is to shop at Silvermaple Boutique.
The Silvermaple Boutique Team