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LaVida Candle Glass Luxury | Cucumber & Cream

Wax that is earth friendly and bio degradable makes the main content of this fully organic and profoundly beautiful mix of fragrances and soy wax. Made for not just illuminating the beauty of the space, but also rendering a fragrance heady in tons of white musk and rose - this is sure to seal the deal as far as the evening an d its promise holds.
The glass jar itself is as pretty as the mix of scents that has gone into the blend. The deeper notes of rose lightly lifted by wintry white musk that sets the mood for things more intense. This delightful looking jar is a host to two fragrances mixed with soy wax that is eco - friendly as well as fume free. The wonderful illumination option it provides makes it as great for your spa look bathroom or on your bedside. Light up your living room or your coffee table with such votives that carry with them the advantage of being filled with wax. Once the need for the lighting is over, you can blow out the candle and cover the lid so as to make the candle available for another occasion. Comes with pure fragrances that with each second of its burn tome, dispels a lovely fragrance that is rich if rose and white musk hints. The height of the jar is all of 10 cm and as is its length. Such scented wax candles are a terrific means to accentuate those places in your décor that you wish to highlight.
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