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If you're tired of sacrificing style for comfort, we've got the perfect solution for you Mela Purdie. This high quality Australian brand is all about bringing you the best of both worlds. With their commitment to quality and timeless designs.

What sets Mela Purdie apart is their high quality and support for local producers. They proudly manufacture their garments right here in Australia, ensuring that every piece is made with love and attention to detail. By choosing Mela Purdie, you're not only getting stylish fashion forward pieces, but you're also supporting the Australian manufacturing industry and shopping local. 

No matter the occasion, Mela Purdie has the perfect piece for you.  Their collection features everything from classic dresses to versatile tops and shirts and the most comfortable pants. These designs are made to withstand the test of time, meaning you'll be rocking them for years to come. Trust us, investing in Mela Purdie is like investing in a fashionable future for your wardrobe. 

High Quality Fabric 

Mela Purdie's fabrics are of the highest quality to touch and feel. Mela Purdie takes great care in sourcing the their range of fabrics.  The top three are:

Matte Jersey – F01 100% Technical Polyester.

First up is Matte Jersey yarn, that is proudly made in Australia. Crafted with a high twist crepe viscose, it offers a luxurious feel against your skin. Plus, it's pill resistant and incredibly low-maintenance as it's machine washable, ensuring effortless care.

F01 Matte Jersey Mela Purdie Online

(L-R) 1. Half Zip Sweater  2. Cargo Track Pant  3. Relaxed Boat Neck Shop  Matte Jersey  

Microprene – F65 100% Technical Polyester.

Next is Microprene, a lightweight and sleek fabrication that's crisp, stretchy, and is smooth to touch, making it both comfortable and stylish to wear, this fabric is crafted in France with a 61% cotton blend that is simple to care for that will last in your wardrobe years of wear. 

Microprene  Mela Purdie Online

(L-R) 1. Straight Pants  2. Instore Only 3. Straight Pants Shop Microprene

Maché– F67 100% Technical Polyester.

What is Maché? you ask. It's their shining star Japanese technical fabric that is designed with air-flow technology and  an absolute game-changer. Not only does it look fabulous, but it's also super easy to care with rapid dry properties and will last in your wardrobe for seasons to come. It's also the perfect fabric to travel with as it always looks amazing and doesn't crease. We love Maché at Silvermaple, and it's a favorite with our team.

F67 Mache Mela Purdie Online

(L-R) 1. Single Pocket Shirt  2.  Vineyard Shirt  3. Audrey Tank  Shop Maché

Mela Purdie is renowned for its versatility in manufacturing seasonal garments that encompass a wide range of fabrications, including Silk Voile, European Cotton, and Linen. With each season, the brand introduces new and exciting options, keeping their collection ever-changing and full of fresh choices. 

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June 05, 2023 — Silvermaple Boutique