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The Spring Summer 23 trends are all about celebrating individuality while maintaining an air of sophistication. From classic geometric prints to vibrant botanical motifs, next season is full of exciting styles that promise to invigorate your wardrobe. Let's dive into the top five trends that are set to dominate the upcoming season, all available in our Spring Summer 23 collection that is arriving soon.


1. Geometric Prints: Effortless Elegance for Everyday

Simplicity meets elegance with the resurgence of geometric prints in Spring Summer 23. Brands such as Alquema and Elm Lifestyle offer a range of classic yet easy-to-wear styles that effortlessly transition from day to night. These prints add a touch of chic to your wardrobe, ensuring you exude confidence wherever you go. Whether it's a boardroom meeting or a casual brunch, geometric prints are the perfect companion for any occasion.

Miss June Online

2. Resort Chic: Unleash Your Inner Nomad

Dreaming of a getaways? Even if travel plans are on hold, you can still embrace the essence of a tropical escape in resort chic. Brands like Oneseason and Miss June present us with kimono cover-ups and lightweight dresses that evoke the laid-back spirit of far-off destinations. These pieces are not only stylish but also perfect for those hot summer days when comfort is paramount. 

Pom Amsterdam

3. Bold and Vibrant Colour Ways: Radiate Confidence

Step into the spotlight with bold and vibrant colour ways that demand attention. POM Amsterdam leads the way in this trend, offering a stunning array of blouses and dresses that celebrate individuality. Whether you choose a fiery red or a brilliant blue, these colours are a testament to your unwavering confidence. 


4. Lolly Stripes: A Playful Burst of Colour

Inject happiness into your wardrobe with lolly stripes, a trend that brings a burst of vibrant and cheerful hues. Mansted Knitwear delivers this trend, ensuring you radiate positivity with every step. The joyous patterns not only catch the eye but also infuse your ensemble with flair. 

Madly Sweetly

5. Botanical Motifs: A Connection to Nature

Nature finds its way into our wardrobes with the botanical motifs trend. Madly Sweetly and Lula Soul present us with a captivating collection of dresses and blouses that effortlessly fuse style with nature-inspired designs. From delicate florals to intricate leaf patterns, these pieces are a celebration of the world around us. With billowing silhouettes and flowing fabrics, you'll feel as though you're strolling through a lush garden wherever you go.

Incorporating these trends into your wardrobe becomes a delightful endeavour as you draw inspiration from geometric prints' sophisticated simplicity, resort chic's relaxed elegance, vibrant colour ways' empowering allure, lolly stripes' joyful vivacity, and botanical motifs' whimsical nature connection. Allow the styles of Spring Summer 23 to resonate with your individuality, guiding you towards a season of unmatched sartorial expression.


August 08, 2023 — Silvermaple Boutique