As we embrace the sunny days of SS23, it's the perfect time to explore and support local Australian fashion brands that not only offer high-quality garments but also embody the essence of style, sustainability, and craftsmanship. We'll introduce you to four remarkable Australian brands whose new collections are making waves both in-store and online. Let's dive take a look at our 4 must have Australian brands designed with care and love for this SS23 season. 

Philosophy Australia

1. Philosophy Australia: Timeless Sustainability

Philosophy Australia, a small family business, takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. Based in Sydney, they employ a couture one-person-one-garment approach to create their designs. By collaborating with local makers, fabric mills, and companies, Philosophy Australia ensures their pieces are not only on-trend but also eternally chic. Known for impeccable fits and quality fabrics, their garments are designed to be loved and worn for years.

Philosophy Australia Online

 L-R : 1.The Kate Shirt Dress | Tetris 2. Greville Long Sleeve Shirt | Coral 3. Easy Geo Bengaline Pant | Green 

Our top picks, from our buyers, include the classic Kate dress in the Tetris pattern—an ideal choice for seamlessly transitioning from day to night. For a burst of joyful colour, the Greville Long Sleeve Shirt in stunning coral is a favorite among our customers. And if comfort is your priority, don't miss out on the bengaline Easy Geo Pant in vibrant Green; these pants are so comfortable that you'll want to wear them all season long.

Oneseason Online

2. Oneseason: Endless Summer Vibes

Inspired by Australia's endless summers, Oneseason was founded by resort wear designer Shani Anderson. Their collection features easy-to-wear silhouettes perfect for beachside living. Oneseason designs are created in Australia with a conscious approach and manufactured in Jaipur, India. Their dedication to quality and design is evident in every piece.

Oneseason Australia

 L-R : 1. The Long Poppy Dress | Istra Pink  2. Pondicherry Dress | White 3. Long Poppy Dress | Playa Navy 

We adore the Long Poppy Dress, available in the exquisite Istra Pink print. For a stunning vision in white, consider the timeless Pondicherry Dress. Alternatively, if you're looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, the Navy and Pink Playa Long Poppy Dress is a stylish choice.


3. Alessandra: Timeless Elegance from Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, Alessandra crafts feminine and sophisticated garments suitable for all seasons. Their collection includes high-quality cashmere knitwear and beautiful woven pieces made from natural fibers. Craftsmanship and quality are at the heart of Alessandra's creations, ensuring longevity in every design.


 L-R : 1. Edie Top | Emerald 2. Lambada Dress | Lolly  3. Lambada Dress | Emerald

If you're in the mood to embrace a bold and floral look, consider the Edie Top in a striking Emerald shade, or opt for the Lambada Dress in a vibrant combination of Lolly and Emerald. These choices will definitely help you make a statement. 

Mela Purdie Online

4. Mela Purdie: Modern Basics for Every Woman

Mela Purdie, an Australian designer, consistently delivers a foundation of wearable basics that flatter a range of shapes and sizes. Their collections prioritise comfort and style, with a strong focus on fabric quality. Mela Purdie utilises exclusive textiles from international mills, providing chic travel dressing options. With monthly capsule highlights, they inject vibrancy and seasonal elements into their range.

Mela Purdie Online

 L-R : 1. Slice Pace Pant | Ocean 2. Bistro Shell Shirt | Oat 3. Soft Shirt | Peacock

Achieve effortless style with Mela Purdie, ensuring a consistently impeccable and stylish look. Our current favourites include the Slice Pace Pant in Ocean, offering both comfort and style. For a touch of elegance, don't miss the beautiful Bistro Shell Shirt. And when you're looking to add a vibrant burst of colour, the Soft Shirt in Peacock is the perfect choice. 

Australian fashion is not only about style but also about supporting local businesses that prioritise high-quality, sustainable, and consciously designed garments. Philosophy Australia, Oneseason, Alessandra, and Mela Purdie exemplify these qualities in their SS23 collections. So, this season, embrace these brands and enjoy the beauty of Australian fashion while knowing you're supporting local craftsmanship and natural fibres.

September 13, 2023 — Silvermaple Boutique