Every year we see new styles and fabrics come into our world and wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the Mela Purdie’s three exquisite fabrics used to craft the coming  collections. Here are the best essential fabrics you'll see this coming year;

1. Mache (F67)
This exquisite textile, hailing from the Japanese technical polyester family, is celebrated for its luxury feel and flawless drape that fits off the body. Crafted with double Micron yarn, it not only exudes strength but also offers a rich, full-bodied sensation. The high twist weave adds a touch of malleability, resulting in an ultra-soft hand feel that transcends comfort. Discover Mela Purdie online + in-store.
Mela Purdie | Mache | Silvermaple Boutique
2. Microprene (F65)
Comfort that activates your wardrobe. Crafted in France from a 61% stretch cotton blend, Microprene is exclusive to the Mela Purdie brand. The high stretch component of the fabric provides an organic durability and long wearing ability. Lightweight and easy care properties make it comfortable and ideal for trans-seasonal layering. Shop the new Mela Purdie curated collection now.
Mela Purdie Microprene | Silvermaple Boutique
3. Matte Jersey (FO1)
Elevate your essentials with Matte Jersey from Mela Purdie – where style meets lasting quality. The Viscose knit gracefully skims the body without clinging, offering both comfort and style with long-lasting durability, it's also a practical one. The addition of 8% spandex ensures flexibility and retention, creating a seamless design and elevated comfort. Visit us online + in-store at one of our three Melbourne Boutique's. 
Mela Purdie Matte Jersey | Silvermaple Boutique
February 05, 2024 — Silvermaple Boutique