Enter a world where the emphasis is on the intimate relationship between fabric, texture and elegance, where our curated collections are not only visually appealing but also offer a sensory delight and comfort.

New collections AW24 focus is on both aesthetics and wearability underscores the practical yet luxurious nature of the garments. Our collections are a dedication to personal expression and a quiet confidence portrayed through elevated everyday and luxury wear. 

As the seasons change across Australia, so does the wardrobe, and Philosophy's (Australian designer) new season styles reflect this transition with pieces made with care and versatility. The easy wear, easy care philosophy combined with minimalist designs in luxurious fabrics offers a contemporary yet timeless style suitable for various occasions.

Photo Shoot Feb AW24

Welcome Kachel, Australian designer, complemented by the feminine florals in a harmonious collection. This blend of understated elegance and playful sophistication captures the essence of the season, reflecting both the tranquility of pinks, neutrals and the vibrancy of florals.

Signature styles and new seasonal highlight pieces combine fashion and function with effortless pieces from Mela Purdie and Verge.  

The backdrop is streets of Melbourne and our SB studio that we designed with neutrals to accentuate the seasonal aesthetic, providing a cohesive and visually pleasing setting for the photo shoot. This attention to detail highlights the latest colour trends for AW24 and reinforces the overall theme of celebrating texture, colour, and design.

Our Silvermaple Boutique photo shoots encapsulate the essence of the new season head. It invites our customers both online + in-store to appreciate the beauty of the new garments but also to immerse themselves in a world where fashion is an expression of individuality and emotion. What will you be wearing this season?  

Photo Shoot | Silvermaple Boutique





March 14, 2024 — Silvermaple Boutique
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